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Managers' Page

Even the cleverest scientific advances can be difficult to bring to market without the help of experienced executives and managers who know the ropes and can cut through the red tape to get things done! Whether it's steering your development through the omnipresent regulatory jungle, finding just the right strategic partners, or just plain getting the work done on time, capable managers can make an enormous difference.

Amethyst Life Sciences helps pair up experienced executives and managers with teams of scientists, engineers, and funding organizations to develop the next generation of life-science products and services. The advantages of working with Amethyst to find your next opportunity include:

  • Access to capital
  • Access to scientific and industrial infrastructure
  • Access to deep scientific and technical knowledge
  • Introductions to potential customers
  • Introductions to the most reliable vendors
  • Assistance with sales and marketing
  • Advice on exit strategies

If you're an experienced executive or manager who's looking for an exciting challenge, please call us to find out whether we can put your skills to work in one of our start-ups!